Home addition projects are a delightful way to infuse a whole new outlook into your existing living spaces. Not only can you increase the usage of the floor space of your home, but you’ll also raise the value of the property. When executed perfectly, home additions and improvements lend beauty and elegance to existing structures.

Call in the expert professionals at Augustyn Remodeling Inc. and let us craft fabulous designs that enhance the look and appeal of your home. Each plan we create spells expertise, exquisite craftsmanship, and careful regard for the estimated funds you’d like to invest.

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Augustyn Remodeling Inc.
Augustyn Remodeling Inc.
Augustyn Remodeling Inc.

Qualified Personnel

Our clients like to bring in our expert architects for exciting ideas that match their objectives for getting home additions. Trust us to coordinate the new designs with the theme and character of the home so that each room blends into the other, maintaining continuity and style. You’ll find that the investment is worth every penny and works out to be much more economical than having to rebuild the house from ground up.

Best Results

Every project we undertake is designed around you - the client’s needs. We’ll come in for a free consultation where our architects spend time talking to you. You’ll feel completely at ease discussing what you’d like to see whether a complete new bathroom or extending the living room. We would love to see the plans and permits you have. And, we can help them come alive. But, our architects can also help you by working out customized ideas and solutions after measuring out the floor space.

Is your home a historical landmark? Rest assured that the home additions project will factor in any regulations you must comply with. Rest assured that we’ll make recommendations accordingly. Once the financials are ironed out, we’ll get started. We have a team of contractors that can take care of every task that forms a part of the home improvements project. That’s how we provide assurance of timely completion, high-grade materials, and streamlined processes with the minimum of inconvenience to the residents.

Our Offer

With 20 years’ experience behind us, we’re adept at undertaking all kinds of home additions projects in Chicago. Here are some of the tasks you can assign to us.

  • Adding a new deck or patio
  • Building a second-story
  • Constructing a new garage or making extensions for multiple cars
  • Adding a half or full bath
  • Developing a home office or wo/man cave
  • Improving the entryway and rebuilding the driveway
  • Converting the basement from a storage space into inviting living, leisure, or entertainment spaces
  • Adding more area to an existing living room
  • Other home improvements like closets, dormers, and perhaps, a sunroom


Augustyn Remodeling Inc. is a commercial & residential remodeling company offering services to  Chicago and surrounding communities.