Basement Remodeling

When most homeowners think about basements, they pass them off as a storage place for a ton of unwanted stuff ranging from old boxes, tools, car parts, toys and books the kids have outgrown, and of course, holiday decorations that may or may not be used again.

Consider investing in a basement remodeling project and you will be delighted with the incredible transformation. Not only can you maximize your living areas without the need of additions, but you can also raise the value of the property.

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Work of Art

Invite the expert basement remodeling contractors at Augustyn Remodeling Inc. and we’ll walk you through the seemingly unending possibilities. Your basement need not remain a cold and dank place. We could turn it into…...let’s see now!

  • Guest bedroom with a full bath for complete privacy
  • Media room with plush sofas and a home theater system - never spend on a movie ticket again
  • Family room with separate areas for the kids to play
  • Gaming room with lots of video games, a pool table, or ping pong table
  • Man cave with a television, bar, library, and half a bath
  • Office for people holding remote jobs
  • Storage room with neatly-organized shelves
  • Wine cellar for the connoisseurs
  • Fitness room with a bunch of equipment for the die-hard bodybuilder
  • Party room for people who entertain a lot - organize all the book clubs, play dates, and slumber parties you want

Scope of the Services

  • Checking for any damage because of water seepage and making repairs
  • Painting and texturing the basement ceiling 
  • Adding light fixtures that open up the spaces
  • Installing or removing walls and panels as needed
  • Tiling or carpeting the floors, hardwood floors is also a great option
  • Fitting basement exit windows that also bring in natural light
  • Adding a bathroom complete with plumbing, tiling, and painting


We Love Basements

What most homeowners view as concrete walls and pillars, we consider open spaces that inspire. We have highly-experienced architects on board who can come up with a whole spectrum of ideas you can choose from for your basement remodeling project. Let’s talk about the requirements of the family and what you’ll need years down the line. Remodeling basements can extend your living spaces by as much as the entire floor plan of the house. We’ll build walls where needed and add a bunch of cabinets along with textured paints, tiling, carpeting, and any other furniture you would like.

How We Work

So, what will be your part in the basement remodeling project? Just a phone call. We’ll drop by with catalogs, brochures, and advanced software apps to give you a visual of what the finished products can look like. Choose the themes and color schemes you absolutely love and leave it to the experts to take over from there. We have contractors working with us who specialize in different fields. Coordinating with them and synchronizing their tasks is up to the project manager who will be overseeing the task. Each team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and experts at what they.

Style & Innovative Ideas

At Augustyn Remodeling Inc., we love to keep up with the latest innovations and trends in the interior designing sphere. We can create designs that look fabulous and are affordable without compromising on the quality of the materials used. We provide complete assurance since our remodeling projects and installations have the backing of a limited lifetime warranty. Eco-friendly and water-resistant materials ensure that you can enjoy the lavish spaces for a good long while - at costs that won’t wipe out your savings.

Augustyn Remodeling Inc. is a commercial & residential remodeling company offering services to  Chicago and surrounding communities.