Bathroom Remodeling

Modern-day bathrooms are not just conveniences. They’re more of glamour rooms combining style, aesthetic appeal, and complete functionality. Homeowners now prefer bathrooms that have a dressing area with vanities for putting on makeup or cozy baths for soaking on a weekend. 

 We can create delightful washrooms with a blend of textures, colors, designs, and finishes. Watch us as we transform a staid washroom into an elegant spa. Ready for a bathroom remodeling project? Call in the experts.

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Your Family Needs

Schedule an appointment with our architects and we’ll come by for a consultation, absolutely free of cost. With more than 20 years’ experience behind them and a keen knowledge of the latest trends in the business of construction, we can make bathroom remodeling recommendations based on the needs of your family, both present and future. We’ll also create designs and choose materials that provide beauty and utility, but at costs within your budget. Would you like to change the layout? Or, maybe, you’d prefer to give the washroom a makeover with new tiles, cabinets, and vanity counters and mirrors.

Array of Remodeling Concepts

  • Twin vanities with elegant mirrors and lots of lighting - for those busy mornings when you and your partner need to get to work quickly
  • Walk-in shower stalls with handrails and slip-proof tiles for the convenience of elderly family members
  • Spacious cabinets for storing all the regular supplies needed, never run out of toilet paper, soap, shampoo, and other essentials. Add new cabinets to replace old, worn out, and outdated structures. Or, opt for refacing to change their look. You could also add new cabinets to coordinate with the existing theme of the bathroom.
  • Change the ambiance of a simple bathroom and convert it into an elegant and intimate hideaway for relaxing baths. Add hardwood and new tiles for contemporary style.
  • Replacing fixtures like the sink, basins, toilet, and bathtub with modernistic, sophisticated works of art
  • A charming powder room for guests when you entertain
  • Bathrooms specially outfitted so kids can use them safely


“Wow” Factor

When you opt for a bathroom remodeling project with the professionals at Augustyn Remodeling Inc., you can expect an introduction to ultra modern amenities like:

  • Whirlpool tubs and Jacuzzis
  • Heated floors
  • Steam rooms
  • Shower door appliances
  • High-def electronics showers with computerized functions including voice and video apps
  • Fog-free mirrors
  • Lighting solutions with motion sensors
  • Glass shower stalls
  • Massage shower panels with multiple spray jets
  • Futuristic toilets with heated seats, night lighting, and warm water bidets
  • Color schemes incorporating chrome, marble, different textures, and warm color tones

Augustyn Remodeling Inc. is a commercial & residential remodeling company offering services to  Chicago and surrounding communities.