Commercial Projects

Is your business growing quickly? That’s great news! But, if you’re running short of office, retail, or industrial space, you don’t need to invest in new premises just yet. How about calling in the professionals at Augustyn Remodeling Inc.? We’ll conduct a thorough inspection and make recommendations about possible commercial remodeling.

Allow us to assist you with maximizing the available spaces you have for optimum usage and streamlined operations. Now that’s a much more viable proposition than incurring the cost of moving to a new building. Rest assured that the entire remodeling project will be completed within the estimated budget you have in mind.

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Why Opt for Commercial Projects

A commercial remodeling project can help you rebrand your business by giving it a contemporary look and feel. Retail shoppers are more likely to visit malls and stores that showcase products in the best light possible and make shopping a pleasurable experience. On the other hand, industrial remodeling may be essential for upgrading the premises to comply with updated Building Code Violations and other regulations. We understand that aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance, better functionality, and raising the value of the property are only some of the requirements of a commercial renovation project.

Experienced Professionals

While commercial projects seems like a great idea, you’ll need a cautious approach to the project. Any changes in the floor plan you undertake must take into account the structural strength and integrity of the building foundations and overall framework. For this reason, it is advisable to contact commercial building contractors who have the necessary expertise and can advise you best on the plan of action to follow. You’ll also need teams of sub-contractors who specialize in the different sections of the construction job. And, the smart way to do that is to assign the entire project to a single commercial contracting company who can handle all the aspects of your remodeling project in Chicago.


Expert Advice

At Augustyn Remodeling Inc., we understand that business owners may not want to shut down the entire operations of their retail or industrial company for the duration of the remodeling. We’ll discuss the entire undertaking with you and come up with a game plan where we’ll work on specific sections of the building even as it remains occupied. Our teams are highly-trained in the necessary safety precautions and can conduct reconstruction without any risk to employees working on the site or interfering in their daily functioning. We can also make the necessary provisions so sales can continue unhampered. Trust us to organize the entire project with creative ideas of how to move around shoppers, workers, furnishings, merchandise, and supplies, in phases.


Each commercial construction in Chicago goes through carefully planned and executed phases.

  • Planning and designing the complete project from start to finish
  • Creating an estimate of the expected costs
  • Reorganizing the building premises for continuity in operations
  • Conducting demolitions and clearing away debris
  • Prepping the site and receiving materials
  • Repairing and redesigning the structure
  • Reinstalling utilities
  • Project completion, cleaning up, and final finishing touches
  • Final walk-through by the customer for approval

When you bring in the experts at Augustyn Remodeling Inc., you can expect minimal downtime for your business thanks to adherence to the schedules we set. Give your retail or industrial business an upgraded and renovated look and appeal with more efficient usage of space. Raise the value of the property and improve productivity with commercial remodeling. All of this is possible at prices that make it truly worthwhile.

Augustyn Remodeling Inc. is a commercial & residential remodeling company offering services to  Chicago and surrounding communities.