Kitchen Remodeling

Every family kitchen is like the heart of the home. Your family gathers here to have meals, talk and connect before the start of the day and in the evening to share their day. Chatting, cooking, homework sessions, and parties, kitchens see more activity than any other room.

At Augustyn Remodeling Inc., we understand that this family hub needs more extensive maintenance from time to time. We can take care of any remodeling projects or renovations you may need, providing expert ideas and solutions to make your kitchen a warm, comforting space to look forward to at the end of a hectic day.

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Augustyn Remodeling Inc.
Augustyn Remodeling Inc.
Augustyn Remodeling Inc.
Augustyn Remodeling Inc.
Augustyn Remodeling Inc.
Augustyn Remodeling Inc.

Detailed Step-by-Step Process

Call in the expert architects at Augustyn Remodeling Inc. and we’ll work with you to understand your needs. Trust in us to offer you the best and most economical alterations possible within the estimated budget you have. We’ll begin by covering the entire scope of the task and your goals. Our architect will measure the dimensions of the spaces and get to work creating an awesome design incorporating the color schemes you prefer. Would you prefer a new layout? Or, would you like more storage space? Or, perhaps, you’d like a bigger dining section to seat more family members.

Not sure about the materials you would prefer? Let us know and we’ll bring you a bunch of catalogs and samples so you can make a choice. Our designers are truly talented and skilled and can make recommendations for a beautifully coordinated kitchen. Once you’ve approved the designs, all that remains is the final cost estimate and we’ll get started. Get set for a whole new culinary and gastronomic experience created by a lovely new kitchen.

Variety of Choices

  • Contemporary hardware that is functional and eco-friendly, like low-flow faucets
  • Cabinets that are spacious to store all the supplies needed for your family
  • Renovating the plumbing by removing leaky and rusty pipes
  • Changing the lighting to make the kitchen more airy and welcoming
  • Replacing tiles on the floors and backsplashes for easy maintenance
  • Reinstalling countertops with stone, granite, marble, or any other materials you like best
  • Upgrading energy-efficient appliances like installing a new oven, microwave, or garbage disposal


Augustyn Remodeling Inc. is a commercial & residential remodeling company offering services to  Chicago and surrounding communities.